How We Build Simple Websites
In 2 Hours Or Less That Generate $200-$500+ Passively Every Single Month...
Digital Real Estate Empire: Mastering Lead Gen SEO
What Is Digital Real Estate Empire: Mastering Lead Gen SEO?

Simply Put, It's An A-to-Z Blueprint For Lead Generation SEO Marketing
Beginner Friendly
Learn how to set the foundation for success with lead gen. SEO marketing by building a real, scalable business, not taking a "loophole shortcut" that's here today and gone tomorrow. 
Learn how to build and rank Wordpress websites that generate revenue for months and years to come and set them up to sell for a 20x-30x+ multiple.
Creating Leverage
Acquire website visitors, phone calls/leads, and revenue passively with organic SEO traffic, then sell those leads to an affiliate network, or to a local business with a pay per lead or monthly rental.

$9,735.98 in my SEO business July 2020

$8,448.22 in my SEO business June 2020

15 calls generated in less than 6 hours!

Lifetime Access To Lead Gen SEO Marketing Course with 9 Modules of Guided Training

Niche Selection - Lower Competition, Higher Profits

  • Selecting The Best Niche/Service To Build Your Website Around
  • ​Finding The Best Locations To Target For Ranking Your Site Fast

Setting Up Your Website To Outrank Your Competition

  • Acquiring A Domain, Hosting and Installing Wordpress Step-By-Step
  • Installing The Proper Wordpress Plugins (Apps)
  • URL Structure, Meta Title & Meta Desc. Setup To Outrank Your Competition

Complete Module:  Building Websites With Elementor Pro

  • Setting Up The Software Including Sitewide Header, Footer, Calls To Action, and Other Templates
  • Step-By-Step Tutorials on Building Niche Local Website Pages In Elementor Pro - Homepage, Get A Quote, Service Pages and More
  • Building Contact Forms From Scratch That You Can Embed On Your Sites (2-5x Your Website's Income With Contact Form Submissions)

Google My Business Listing Training

  • How We Claim GMB Listings Using Both Paid AND Free Tactics
  • Optimizing GMB Listings So They Rank AND Convert Visitors

Zero To 100 Local Search
Engine Optimization Training

  • Get Our Local SEO Ranking Strategy Step By Step That's Generate Millions In Revenue Worth of Leads

Getting Clients To Rent Your Site or Pay Per Lead

  • How to approach clients
  • ​How to sell & close your service (the leads your site generates) to them

($4,997 Value)

BONUS #1 - Lifetime Access To Private Mastermind Coaching Group
  • Get your all your website development, SEO & business management questions          answered by instructor and other students who were in your shoes!   
  • ​Network with like-minded marketers who all have the same goals - scaling & growing
  • Be a part of a private community that holds one another accountable for achieving RESULTS

($2,000 Value)

BONUS #2 - Full-Scale Lead Generation Service Agreement Template
  • Ensure both you and your client have a clear cut service contract signed to ensure you are paid for the value your produce for them!

($500 Value)

BONUS #3 - Elementor Pro Templates, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service & Necessary On-Page Disclaimer Templates 
  • Get access to our page element templates - header, footer, calls to action, etc. 
  • Legal terms of service and privacy policy pages required for US based websites
  • On-page disclaimers required in the footer of your site and in vicinity of contact forms 

($1,000 Value)

BONUS #4 - Step By Step Tutorial On Building & Ranking Directory Websites
  • Step by step how to install and build websites with the software
  • How to set up your directory websites so they will be optimized to monetize  
  • How to rank nationwide directory websites using Grey and White Hat SEO Methods

($497 Value)

BONUS #5 - Module On MAXIMIZING The Revenue Your Site Produces Using Social Media
  • Step by step how to create retargeting audiences on Facebook for your lead gen sites  
  • How to create retargeting ads on Facebook/Instagram to show website visitors that left without converting on your site

($297 Value)

Total Value: $9,291

FAST ACTION BONUS #1 - 10 Local SEO Optimized Text Articles (up to 3,500 words in total)
  • Skip the hardest part of building your first lead gen properties and get up to 10 articles (3,500 words) written by my expert copywriters (my US-based team that writes all my text content for my agency's client)

($360 Value)

FAST ACTION BONUS #2 -10 PBN Backlinks w/ 10-15+ TF Pointing To Your Site (for up to 3 URLs)
  • Get your website and GMB to start climbing the ranks! My team will build 10 high authority, trustworthy PBN backlinks to your site, and we embed your GMB listing within the article to increase its authority

($250 Value)

FAST ACTION BONUS #3 - 15 min Coaching Call on Zoom - Ask Any Questions, Plan Your Builds and More!

($200 Value)

Taught By A Results Driven Entrepreneur

Matt Wacek caught the entrepreneurial bug at the very young age of 11 by organizing BMX bike races & basketball tournaments with all the kids throughout his neighborhood.  A few years later while working his first job at a lawn care company, he fell in love with the idea of being "the guy running the show" with a lawn/landscape company. After graduating high school in 2009 he attended the University of North Dakota for 1.5 years and hated every minute of it.  He felt completely out of place and wanted to start his own business as soon as possible.  

He then left UND to pursue Anoka Technical College's Horticulture program while simultaneously starting his own landscaping business, MJW Landscape Contracting in early 2011.  He built up a client base and continued growing the business while going to school full-time until he graduated in 2013, and then took the business by storm.  

Expanding the business exponentially every year and scaling to multiple 6-figures thanks to creating a high converting website & ranking it in the search engines for services in their service area - allowing his business to pull in dozens of new clients each month essentially on autopilot.  

He then decided to sell MJW Landscape Contracting in early 2016 to pursue his digital marketing company, in which he uses the same strategies to acquire marketing services clients and acquire leads/customers for his clients.  

He is currently generating 6-figures monthly for home services companies nationwide, ranging from plumbers, electricians, landscaping/lawn care companies, tree services, painters, HVAC contractors and more. Lastly, he also has his YouTube channel where he helps other entrepreneurs find their own success within the digital marketing space. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with PayPal?  
Yes! Please reach out to our support if you wish to pay with PayPal! Click here to message us
Is this a video course? 
Yes! All the training is in video format, there are some documents included and text content beneath videos where necessary.
What are the training videos like? 
Each training video ranges from 3-4 minutes to some step-by-step trainings nearing 30+ minutes in length. They are taught in a no-nonsense manner and get straight to the point in order for you to maximize the results you achieve with our training because that is our primary focus.
I have never built a website before, does this teach me how?
Yes! We have a step-by-step website building module built with this in mind. In the course we use (and highly recommend using) Elementor Pro for Wordpress builders so creating your websites becomes a systematic and efficient process.
Is this course about how to rank client websites and charge monthly fees for those services?
No. We do not focus on high ticket client getting in this course with selling monthly SEO retainers. This course is about creating your own assets, monetizing them, then scaling those assets with selling the calls/leads to an affiliate network and/or your own local business clients.
Does this provide a solution on how to get addresses for a Google My Business (GMB) Listing?
We provide training for outsourcing the process of a GMB listing acquisition to trusted vendors who can fulfill the verification process.
Does this teach client getting?
Yes! We train you how to reach business owners and how to sell a pay per lead/call offers if you wish to bypass working with an affiliate network
Why should I listen to you?
There are tons of digital marketing education programs out there. The bottom line is I walk the walk. I have real sites & clients and a very real strategy and am teaching thousands how to achieve their next level in marketing.

Are you actively creating content?
Yes. I stay on the cutting edge within the realm of building websites, ranking them in the search engines, selling the leads/calls to affiliate networks, setting up sites to be sold - I create additional content as I see fit for my students to get even better results.
Does this teach getting approved by affiliate networks?
Yes. We train you how to approach affiliate networks in order to encourage them to approve you to promote their campaigns.
Does this teach how to do SEO on my website?
Yes! We go step-by-step through the modules with optimizing your on-page content, then begin the off-page methods acquiring citations, social signals, web 2.0s, backlinks and more.
How long does it take for me to see results and make money with this business model? Are there ways to speed up the process?
It can vary - some niches and locations you could see rankings and conversions within a couple weeks, most see rankings and conversions within 1-3 months. For more competitive searches it may take 4-6+ months to become profitable, but this delayed gratification will pay off greatly when your site does rank for these competitive keywords with lots of traffic conversions and a high valuation when it comes time to sell.
How can I make money faster than 1-3 mo.?
We do not preach "fast" or "easy" money in any way, shape, or form. But by targeting smaller cities with ranking your websites where there is less competition it is certainly possible for your websites to generate commissions within a few weeks. One must realize that staying focused and working consistently will bring you revenue faster than anything else. 

If you are NOT willing to learn good work habits, work productively to build websites and have the patience to rank them, then THIS TRAINING IS NOT FOR YOU and frankly neither is entrepreneurship, and furthermore YOU SHOULD NOT purchase our training product(s) or services.
We are so confident in our training & business management tools and what they can do to help your business, that we offer you 30 days to ensure they are a perfect fit your business. If you're not 100% satisfied even after you put the training to use in your business (more info here) and didn't get the results you wanted, just contact us using the support link/button at the bottom of this page to request a refund.

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Earnings Disclaimer - Matt Wacek is a professional marketer and does not guarantee the same results. These are only statements of earnings potential. Individual results will always vary and yours will depend entirely on your individual capacity, work ethic, business skills and experience, level of motivation, diligence in applying Matt Wacek's training, the normal and unforeseen risks of doing business and other factors. Results listed above or in my marketing material are not typical and are the result of many hours of training, experimenting and taking action. These figures and results are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. For more information please read our terms of service and earnings disclaimer.